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Meet Some of our Friends

Label design for 2009 Primitivo with blown glass art by Nicholcon van Altena Glass.

Nicholson van Altena Glass


Recently Fawnridge Winery unveiled their Nicholson Blown Glass Artist Label. The abstract blending of colors in the close up image of blown glass convey the creativity and innovation that free expression brings from the small nearby studio of Nicholson Blown Glass.

Placer Wine Trail logo

Placer County Wine Trail


The Placer County Wine Trail is a series of small family-run boutique wineries each dedicated to preserving the historic wine making legacy of the California Sierra Foothills with passion and craftsmanship.

Placer Grown logo

Placer Grown


Your source for discovering the finest, freshest agricultural products, all locally grown and raised in Placer County. Find local farms and ranches, farmers’ markets, wineries, recipes, festivals and special events, it’s all here waiting to be enjoyed. So dig in and bon appétit!

Holiday Inn logo

Auburn Holiday Inn


Experience the wonder and enchantment of California’s Gold Country at the award-winning Holiday Inn Auburn Hotel in Auburn, California. Situated along the northern belt of Mother Lode, amid lush pastures and gentle rolling foothills, this Auburn, CA hotel offers a beguiling blend of unsurpassed beauty and unrivaled service.

Where to Find Our Wines

Max's World Restaurant logo

Max's World

Monkey Cat Restaurant

Monkey Cat Restaurant & Bar

Cirino's on Main Street

Bangkok City

            thai cuisine

Bangkok City Thai Cuisine

Cirino's at Main Street

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